Painting & decorating


Our painting and decorating work is rated to be one of the best around in regards with quality, time and costs. We give time for every job we do to settle properly.

Painting and Decorating a house is not easy, but with us you will have peace of mind. In order to have the work to the best quality, the preparation of walls, ceilings and wood work have to be addressed and where is needed the repairs will be necessary. Painting and Decorating will be done on your desired colors and taste. Before painting the skirting and window frames will be sanded and two coats of paint will be applied (one with undercoat and one with finish paint), the color of paint is at your decision.

Partition walls if you require will be made from plaster board, with insulation between and plastered, the painting will be done after 2-3 days (depending how quick the plaster will dry).

A room can be decorated with picture frame and covings. If you require, this will have to be done as we prepare the rooms for painting.

Papering the walls, is you require (you choose the paper pattern), or to strip of the paper from the walls, prepare the walls (repair) and fresh painting.

Fresh plaster on the walls and ceilings: a new look for your house and painting after that if you require (for each room to be painted will require the plaster to be dry and this may take up to 3-4 days, depending on the weather).

Outside painting and decorating: we can paint the outside of your property, but in many cases a scaffold is required. The time to repair and paint a property will depend very much on the weather and the damage to the property, but everything can be done on a very high quality which will improve the value of the property.

You don’t have to be worry about the floors, they will be protected and no damage will occur how long we work on your property. The rubbish will be removed by us at the end of work.

With us you can be sure that your project will be met within budget and on time.