loftLoft Conversions and Basements are one of the most difficult jobs in building, but for us this is no more than another job. We can help you growing the price of your house, by using all the space available to you whether this is on the basement or in the loft. All the space that is under your roof house can be converted into rooms. For loft conversions and basements you will need to have planning permissions.

The basement work will involve: still work, plumbing and electrical work and a lot of experience. The materials that we use will be damp proof, insulation, screed on the floor, plaster board and wood. The electricity has to be connected separately to the block.

The loft conversions will need doubling the roof beams, making partitions in accordance with the planning permission, new bathroom, new kitchen (if necessary), new electrical power connected with the main separately, new plumbing, new windows and doors in accordance with the planning. In some cases the entire roof will have to be rebuilt. The necessary materials will be wood, insulation, plaster boards and plaster.

Loft conversions will not only improve the value of your house, but will give a new look with a better view. The plumber that is working with us is corgi registered, the electricians are certified and they have a lot of experience in their fields.

With us, whether is a loft conversion or is a basement we will work close with you until your project is finish and will be on time and in the budget that we have agreed.

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