Refurbishment to the kitchen is a delicate job. The kitchen is the place that we all spend time into, no matter how busy our life is, so we would like to help you feel better after we finish your updates on the kitchen. Whether you want to refurbish the kitchen, or to build a new kitchen (in case that you decide to convert your house into bedroom flats, in which case you will need planning permissions) we are here to help you achieve this.

What we can do to help give your kitchen a new look?

Take off the old kitchen units and repair the walls, take off the floor tiles (or whatever floor do you have) and level the floor. In the places that you put the washing machine the floor has to be strait and hard.

Put the new kitchen units, new accessories, tile the walls around the kitchen units and floor (or we can put any floor you decide). Like the bathrooms, in the kitchen refurbishments the materials that we use are dump proof, or in some cases the tilling will be done on top of water proof plywood.

Other repairs were is need and then painting in the rest of the kitchen.

The time for the work will be given on order with the work that have to be done in your kitchen and the materials that you chose is only up to your taste, we will be responsible only for the quality of the job.

With us you can be sure that your kitchen project will be met within budget and on time.