We can refurbish your bathroom, but in the same time we can build a new one if you need one more or if you want to convert your house in flats (in cases of conversions the planning approvals are necessary). We take the bathrooms refurbishment very seriously. We work with plumbers that are corgi registered and electricians (if there is needed) with high qualifications and long experience in this field. The entire connections will be changed if necessary and new connections will be fitted accordingly with your planning approval.

Tiling: in refurbishments tiling is a very important job, but also the preparation of the walls and floors prior fixing the tiles. We will remove the old tiles, level the floors and the necessary work on the walls. After fixing the accessory to the bathroom we can start tilling. The tiles can be fitted in around the bath, on the shower try and on the walls around the sink, partial or full. The same is very important to know that the materials that we work are dump proof or in some cases the tiles will be putted on waterproof plywood. If you decide that you want to tile part of the bathroom, the rest of that will need fresh painting, which we can paint with paint for bathrooms and kitchens.

The size and design of tile will be entirely up to your taste, we will only be responsible for the quality of tilling on the walls and floors. The same is your choice in quality of the bath, sink, toilets and tiles that you decide to buy.

We are here to help you and advice you all the way until your bathroom refurbishment project is completed.